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Loose Leash Walk and Manners Mini-Seminar

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In all our years of teaching classes, we’ve found there are a few dog behaviors that folks struggle with.  Teaching a dog to walk on a loose leash is definitely one of them.  A loose-leash walk is more relaxed than a formal heel at your left side and simply means that the dog walks in a relaxed fashion without pulling.  A very comfortable way to take a walk with your dog!  There are also a few “pesky” behavior issues that seem to persist and people can use extra help training their dogs to:

Greet visitors politely – sitting instead of jumping up
Learn to be quiet on cue and minimize barking
Learn a reliable wait at the door

($50 – Two 1hr. sessions)

4:00 - 5:00 PM
Instr: Ivy

COME! Mini-Seminar

In this mini-seminar you will learn methods for teaching your dog a dependable, everyday recall. In addition, you’ll find out how to teach an “Emergency Recall” for dangerous or emergency situations. We’ll also have an opportunity to practice around some excellent distractions. Don’t miss this chance to teach your dog a recall you can trust!

($50 – Two 1 hr. sessions)

Jun 29 - Jul 6
5:30 - 6:30 PM
Instr: Ivy

HEEL Mini-Seminar

(Connect through Heelwork)

Learn how to enhance the bond between you and your dog by increasing your ability to connect and engage with each other through heelwork. Learn new skills to sense and build your dog’s attitude towards training. Hint: It doesn’t matter how well your behaviors are trained if you don’t have the attitude behind them. Learn how to build that joyful attitude for the ring. Although heel seems like “just another skill,” it is actually an indicator of a dog’s attitude and your connection with your dog.

($75 – Three 1 hr. sessions)

Jun 8 - Jun 22
5:30 - 6:30
Instr: Denny

Agility Mini-Seminar

Agility Mini-Seminars are offered on various topics.  The upcoming Agility Mini-Seminar will focus on “independent contacts”.

($50 – One 2-hour session)



THE CONNECTED WALK Forming a “connection” with your dog is perhaps the most important step to begin dog training. Once you’ve established a connection with your dog, all training becomes easier!

In all the years I’ve been training dogs, I’ve found that teaching a dog to do a nice relaxed walk on leash is one of the most challenging things to teach. Not all of us even want an “official” heel, most pet owners would just love to walk their dog without having them constantly pulling. Can you imagine walking down the road and just having your dog walk with you?

Can you imagine actually feeling “connected” with your dog when you walk the same way you might feel walking down the beach with a good friend? We’ve got some new training techniques that we recently learned from one of my favorite trainers, Kay Laurence from the UK. In this Mini-Seminar, we will show you techniques that will help your dog learn how to walk with you and to connect with you during the walk. Join us for this fun and informative mini-seminar.


MANNERS Mini-Seminar

Most of us just love our animal companions. However, at times we really wish their manners (from a human standpoint) were a bit better. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could have visitors over without your dog jumping and barking? It would also be nice if you could avoid the Grand Canyon in your back yard, right? And what about not having all your belongings chewed up! Join us for a short and to the point mini-seminar on teaching manners!

  • Polite greeting when meeting people (not jumping up!)
  • Wait at the Door (not running out!)
  • Leave-it (back away and leave that object alone)
  • Off (get off the furniture or get paws off of something)
  • The Big 3 – Barking, Digging & Chewing (The fact is these are natural canine behaviors. We’re not looking to eliminate them completely, but to manage them and redirect them in a way that works better for our lifestyle.)

Clicker Fun Mini-Seminar

Join us in a fun and engaging session of Advanced Clicker Training. We will use the skill of “Shaping” to teach some new things to our dogs, as well as learn to become better trainers and handlers, which in turn helps our dogs become ‘better dogs’ to live with! This skill can build a more enjoyable, stronger bond between you and your dog. You can choose the behaviors you would like to try shaping with your dogs, from skateboarding to retrieving your newspaper and a variety of other interesting fun skills.

($50 – One 1-hour session)

Instr: Ivy

I LOVE MY CRATE Mini-Seminar

We’ve all been told how important it is to crate train our dogs and to do it in a way that makes the dogs love their crates. The question for many has been how to do this. This mini-workshop (three 1-hour sessions) covers ways to train your dog to love their crate while building self control and drive at the same time. These are fun exercises that are easy for both you and your dog. We’ll also work on free shaping with the crate and work with distractions all in a positive and fun atmosphere.

There are so many reasons to crate train a dog including: to help with housetraining; promoting an opportunity for positive “down time” for your dog; a crate-trained dog is much easier to travel with when visiting hotels and staying with friends and family; keeping your dog safe in special circumstances (for example, while remodeling or having workers in and out of your home); keeping your dog safe while recuperating after an injury; and an often overlooked reason to crate train your dog is that the Red Cross will not except a dog into a shelter during a disaster if it isn’t crate trained. All of these situations are so much easier for you and your dog if you have a dog that is already comfortable in his or her crate.


TRICKS 1 Mini-Seminar

In this 1-hour mini-seminar (one 1-hour session) you will learn how to teach your dog tons of tricks! These tricks can be taught and performed for fun, to keep your dog busy learning something new or to impress family and friends! Some of the tricks you’ll learn include: up-pretty, dance, bow, crawl, weave your legs, roll over, shake hands, high-five, wave, jump through your arms, and ah-chew! (Get the tissue when you sneeze) plus lots more.

($25 – One 1 hr. sessions)

See new AKC Trick Dog Class under general classes

TRICKS 2 – More Tricks and Dance Moves Mini-Seminar

In this 1-hour mini-seminar (one 1-hour session) that continues to build on the tricks you learned in the Tricks 1 Mini-Seminar.  You will learn even more tricks and dance moves you can use in your Freestyle programs and impress your family and friends!

($25 – One 1 hr. sessions)

Instr: Ivy

Cavaletti Training Mini-Seminar

Kay Laurence, our favorite trainer from the UK, calls this “flexigility”. The Cavaletti training greatly enhances movement for all types of dogs through building strength, joint suppleness, and balanced movement.

Cavaletti exercises develop natural gaiting, through strengthening the rear drive, teaching the dog collected balance and supple action. It develops confidence and self awareness, especially in socially challenged dogs.

Come join us for this unique and useful training for either the performance dog or just for fun and confidence-building with your pet dog. (Three 1-hour sessions)


Doggie Skateboarding Mini-Seminar

Start from scratch shaping your dog to skateboard.  The mini-seminar will end with fun exercises teaching tricks with the skateboard to music.  For those of you who have already started shaping this skill in one of our Tricks or Clicker High Classes (or on your own!), the second-half of the mini-seminar will cover more advanced moves with tricks to music.  We’ll have skateboards available or you can bring your own (since you’ll want to do some more practice at home!)