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What Every Dog Competitor should Know First about the Mental GameWhat Every Dog Obedience Competitor should Know First about the Mental GameWhat Every Canine Freestyle Performer should Know First about the Mental Game

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Mental Management Courses

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Attainment (article)
Decisiveness (article)
Imagery, Visualization or Rehearsal (article)
Winning (article)
The Four Periods of a Competitor’s Year (article)
Mentorship and Motivation Part 2 (article)
Mental Consistency (article)
Don’t Keep a Diary – Keep a Performance Journal (article)
Evaluating Your Mental Performance (article)
Handling Disappointment (article)
Mentorship and Motivation (article)
Training Effect for Dog Sports (video)
Temper! Temper! (article)
Dealing with Distractions Part Two (article)
Dealing with Distractions – Part One (article)
Mental Consistency (article)
Self Image in Agility (article)
How can I avoid the pressure that I feel when competing? (article)
Mental Consistency (article)

Premium Content also
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other articles and videos
for everyone plus many
more (not shown) for Golf,
Archery, Shooting and
Are You in the Top 5%? Part 4 – Consistency
Are You in the Top 5%? Part 3 – Obstacles
Are You in the Top 5%? Part 2 – Opportunity
Master the Basics
Improve your Game/Improve your Life!
Are You in the Top 5% Part 1 – Passion
Over-thinking (video)
Performance Analysis Tutorial
Training Effect (video)
Thinking and Winning (article)
Mommy – Stop Cheering for Me (article)
Criteria for a Directive Affirmation (article)
Weathering the Storm (article)
Reflection on the Principle of Reinforcement (article)
3 Stages to a Goal (article)
Winning is only Part of the Journey (article)
Recommended Book List
No Limits – by Helen Bassham (article)
The Challenge (article)
Tips to a Long and Happy Marriage from Helen Bassham (article)
Overcoming Doubt through Action (article)
3 Step Training Rule (article)
Are You Ready to Compete? (article)
Mentally Prepare your Children for Competition (article)
Living Life Like a Champion by Heather Bassham Sumlin (article)
My Father Was There (article)
Lessons from My Mother – by Helen Bassham (article)
Helping the Frustrated Athlete (article)
What is the Zone and do I need it to Win? (article)
Journey of a Dream (article)
Are You Ready to Compete? (article)
Determine a Dream Worth Trading Your Life For! (article)
Defining a Goal – by Lanny Bassham (article)
Motivation and FEAR (article)
“Careful” by Lanny Bassham (article)
Visualization and Multiple Events (article)
Motivation (article)
Reinforcement (article)
Others Have Endured More and Complained Less (article)
What Matters (article)
A Time for Change is NOW! (article)
Quitting is NOT an Option! by Troy Bassham (article)
The Mentor Factor (article)
Two Articles on Trying Too Hard to WIN (article)
A Matter of Degree (article)
Focus on Solutions, Not Problems (article)
9 Characteristics of Successful Leaders (article)
Should You Write Down Your Goals? (article)
Are You Willing to Change? (article)
Is New Year’s the Best Time to Make Resolutions? (article)
Jump Ahead of the Competition (article)
The Mentor Factor (article)
Two Articles on Trying Too Hard to WIN by Lanny Bassham (article)
Are You in the 5%? Part 1- Passion (article)
Changing Self-Image (article)
The Elite (article)
The Benefits of Mental Management by Eadaoin Ni Challarain (article)
What is Winning? (article)
Understanding Pressure (article)
Don’t Keep a Diary (article)