Click ‘n Connect
Training Your Dog – A Lifelong Journey

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An enlightening & useful new book on dog training
by Teah Anders, CPDT


The journey through life with each of our dogs, especially for those of us who consider ourselves “dog people,” is amazing and wonderful. Learn how to develop a deep connection with your dog through positive training. The benefits of two-way communication with your dog far outweigh the time invested. This book is about how to get started training your dog with an amazing and effective method of training called “Clicker Training.” More than that, this book is about how to connect with your dog and establish a relationship based on trust and mutual respect. Having a well-trained dog is a wonderful feeling, just as important is the fun you’ll both have along the way.

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“This is more than a book about dog training. It encompasses an holistic approach to living with canine friends based on a heartfelt respect, understanding and experience. Teah brings together practical advice based on the scientific principles and great examples in an easily readable style that energizes you into interactive time with your dog. By following the step-by-step processes in the book, you will develop a new perspective of your dog and cannot but benefit from the time invested in your relationship.”

Kay Laurence, Learning About Dogs, United Kingdom
“We’ve had such a wonderful experience in Teah’s class. She was right when she said…this would be a journey. I have changed the way I treat and motivate all of my pets, and even how I interact with my son.”

Valarie Stucker, Hotchkiss, CO
“Teah’s zeal for kind, joyful training fuels the relationship and training journey. Pets and their people learn that learning is fun.”

Denise Porte, DVM, Arroyo Grande, CA
“Clicker training has opened up a whole new world to me and to my clients. I highly recommend Teah’s book to everyone who loves their dog.”

Robin Shroyer, DVM, Nipomo, CA
“We’ve been breeding and showing our EVERMAY Airedales for 27 years. We’re amazed at how quickly our pups and dogs learn and how much they want to work in Teah’s classes. After completing Teah’s classes, CH Evermay’s High Performance, “Max,” went on to become the top winning Airedale of all time (pictured below third from right, front row). We heartily recommend Teah’s practical book.”

Samantha Curran and Dick Berg, Arroyo Grande, CA