Rally FrEe Class

Rally Freestyle Elements is a combination of Rally-O and Canine Musical Freestyle. It is a great sport for you and your dog to work together on skills, finding out what motivates you and your dog to enjoy competitions, as well as the various elements that make both Rally and Freestyle so unique.

You will learn the Rally FrEe signs, help you create new exciting moves as a team, and build on your training skills as you learn to execute the signs, all to your favorite music! This is a new and amazing sport that you and your dog will love, especially if you have ever tried Rally Obedience or Canine Musical Freestyle.

Ultimately, this will help you as a team, to show off your Rally skills as well as have the freedom to do some fun moves to keep your dog “in the game”. It is a titling sport created by Julie Flannery to help Freestylers become better at communicating clarity to their dogs, and perform dances with a bit more precision and flair. Come join in the FUN!!!

Class Cost:$100
Class Location:All classes are held at Gentle Touch Pet Training's new training center located at 1886 Deer Canyon Road, Arroyo Grande, CA.
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Vaccines:Dogs must be current on parvo, distemper and rabies shots.
Registration:Class size is limited to 10 dogs to ensure personal attention.  Full payment is necessary to reserve class space. 
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Class Dates:

Instr: Ivy/Carol