CGC Certification

The CGC Program is a two part program that is designed to teach responsible dog ownership to owners and certify dogs that have the training and behaviors needed to be reliable, well-behaved members of of their families and communities. The purpose of the CGC Program is to ensure that dogs can be a respected member of the community because it has been trained to be well behaved in the home, in public places and in the presence of other dogs. The CGC Program welcomes both purebred and mixed breed dogs. Dogs that pass all 10 items of the CGC test may order an official CGC certificate from the American Kennel Club (AKC). The CGC is now an official Title through AKC.

For those dogs that are not quite ready for a CGC evaluation, consider taking our Intermediate Clicker/CGC class. We will spend 5 weeks helping to prepare you and your dog for the evaluation, which is completed during the 6th session of the class at no additional charge.

Test Dates:Call 481-1490 to schedule an appointment.
Test Cost:$10 fee for taking the test. You send $8 to AKC for your CGC Certificate.
Test Location:CGC tests are held at Gentle Touch Pet Training's
training center located at 1886 Deer Canyon Road, Arroyo Grande, CA.
Click for directions.
Vaccines:Owners sign the Responsible Dog Owner's Pledge to attest that their dogs are in the care of a qualified veterinarian and are vaccinated according to your vet's protocol.
Registration:Applicants are taken on a first come, first serve basis. You must call prior to the test to be placed on the list.