AKC Trick Dog Class

NEW! AKC Trick Dog Classes at GTPT!!

Come join us in the REAL FUN!! We are holding Trick Dog Classes at Gentle Touch Pet Training starting this Spring through the Summer!

AKC has a new series of titles for your dogs that like to learn new tricks! We will teach you how to begin training for all of the required tricks beginning with AKC Novice Trick Dog, to Intermediate Trick Dog and then we will move on to Advanced Tick Dog and the final title: AKC Trick Dog Performer.

Our CGC Evaluators are cleared to do the instruction and testing for all levels of AKC Trick Dog titles. Which means, as you complete the training for each level, we can do the evaluation/test right there in class, and you can send in your forms to AKC for new titles if you like! The requirement for the actual titles are listed online at www.akc.org (look up AKC Trick Dog).


  1. Your dog needs to perform 5 of the required tricks for the evaluator, and has passed a CGC and it is on record at AKC.
  2. OR: Your dog performs the required 10 tricks in front of a CGC Evaluator

Some examples of the tricks on the list for Trick Dog Novice Level are:

  • Balance Beam,
  • Crawl, Fetch it & Give,
  • Find it,
  • Respond to hand signals for Sit, Down, or Come,
  • High Five, Jump Through Hoop or over low bar,
  • Kennel Up,
  • Kiss,
  • Paws Up,
  • Shake Hands,
  • Spin in Circle,
  • Touch Hand or Target.


  1. Your dog needs to perform 10 of the required tricks for the evaluator
  2. These tricks come from the list of Intermediate Trick Dog list

Some examples of the tricks on the list for Trick Dog Intermediate Level are:

  • Balance Treat on nose or head,
  • Carry (a basket),
  • Catch,
  • Crawl,
  • Fetch it,
  • Go Find,
  • Go Place,
  • Leg Weave,
  • Push button on toy,
  • Roll Over,
  • Sit Pretty,
  • Shell Game,
  • Wave Good-Bye,
  • Wobble Board.


  1. A total of 5 tricks are reuired to earn the Advanced Trick Dog Title.
  2. Must have the Novice and Intermediate Trick Dog Titles; CGC is not required.
  3. Tricks are from the list you will have in class, including no more than 2 Handler’s Choice tricks (optional)
Some examples of the tricks on the list for Trick Dog Intermediate Level are:
  • Back up (walk backwards)
  • Balance treat on nose, flip to eat when told “OK”
  • Barrel (roll with 2 paws, or stand on with 4)
  • Bow (as in “Take a bow”)
  • Circle right, circle left
  • Cover your eyes
  • Cover-up with blanket


  1. A total of 10 Tricks from the Novice, Intermediate and Advanced titles are required to earn the Trick Dog Performer title. (Must have all 3 titles on record).
  2. The dog/handler must perform a Tricks routine that includes at least 2 Intermediate Tricks and 2 Advanced Tricks. The routine may have a story (e.g., “This is my dog Princess. Princess loves school-here’s what she does at school. She plays ball on the play ground, and then she takes a nap,” etc.)
  3. You make up any and all of the tricks to use in your ‘story’ as per these rules.
  4. The last class will be an opportunity to perform final routine and be evaluated by the instructor.

Join us to see what kind of  Trick Dog YOUR dog is!!

Class Cost:AKC Tricks Classes - number of sessions/costs vary:
Novice - 4 weeks - $110
Intermediate - 5 weeks - $135
Advanced - 4 weeks - $110
Performance - 5 weeks - $135
Class Location:All classes are held at Gentle Touch Pet Training's training center located at 1886 Deer Canyon Road, Arroyo Grande, CA.
Click for directions.
Vaccines:Dogs must be current on parvo, distemper (or have protective titers) and rabies shots.
Registration:Class size is limited to 8 dogs to ensure personal attention. 

Click on the preferred date below to register. Full payment is necessary to reserve class space. 
Class Dates:
4-week class $100
Nov 2 - Nov 30
(No class Nov. 23)
2:30 - 3:30 PM
Instr: Ivy
5-week class $135
Jan 4 - Feb 1
2:30 - 3:30 PM
Instr: Ivy
4-week class $110
Jan 10 - Jan 31
2:00 - 3:00 PM
Instr: Ivy
5-week class $135
Feb 7 - Mar 7
2:00 - 3:00 PM
Instr: Ivy
4-week class $110
Mar 14 - Apr 4
2:00 - 3:00 PM
Instr: Ivy