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Gentle Touch Pet Training has been serving the Central Coast for more than 14 years and offers both group classes and in-home private training. Group classes are held at our training center conveniently located between Arroyo Grande and San Luis Obispo. Gentle Touch was founded in 1999 by Teah Anders, author of “Click ‘n Connect: Training your Dog – A Lifelong Journey”.

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All basic training is based on the tenets of Clicker Training, a gentle approach using a marker signal and positive reinforcement to shape your dog’s behaviors (the same way marine mammals are trained). All agility and nose work classes are taught through positive reinforcement.

A full spectrum of basic training classes are available ranging from introductory puppy classes to advanced clicker training. Additional specialty classes include: Musical K9 Freestyle and Rally-FrEe, Conformation, working with aggressive dogs in Feisty Fido’s, Tricks, Rally-O, Therapy Dog Mini-seminars and Canine Good Citizenship Evaluations (CGC).


Dog Sports are a great way to spend time with your dog and create a lifelong connection. Gentle Touch offers an Agility program with beginning classes through the highest levels of competition. Nose Work (K9 scent detection for fun and sport) is the newest dog sport that is sweeping the country and Gentle Touch offers a complete series of classes with four certified instructors.

Gentle Touch also offers Mini-Seminars and Informational Presentations on a broad range of training, behavior and health topics. In addition, Gentle Touch hosts internationally recognized speakers to bring the latest and greatest dog training techniques to our clients on the Central Coast.


Hooray - We Did It!

Emil - Roberta Vitol's 1-Year Old Puppy

My one-year-old pup, Emil, has earned his CGCA (Canine Good Citizen Advanced certificate) this week at Gentle Touch Pet Training.Read More

I have asked myself, “ How did this happen? When we started taking classes just 10 months ago, I didn’t have a clearly formed goal to reach this point, but here we are.

When I took Emil home from the breeder, I knew I had to take him to Puppy Kindergarten. I was overwhelmed with each week’s assignments, asking myself how I would transfer all that I was learning into a rambunctious, curious, highly distracted puppy. I decided to try something…anything…one idea at a time.

Some things clicked and some were more difficult. But we had some successes. So I signed up for Puppy Enrichment. By now we had a routine in place and Emil started to look forward to our practice sessions at home – just him and me ‘playing’ and learning and he got treats for it.

So it was on to Elementary Clicker. Soon the clicker was his friend…the sign for treats. Many of the things we first heard about in Puppy K began to be easier…easier for me to teach him and easier for him to master. Clicker High/Canine Good Citizen Class followed and we practiced in lots of different places – at the park, out in front of the house, down town – introducing lots of distractions. We passed that class.

Now I set a clear goal to pass the CGCA. As we progressed through the six-week class we practiced a lot and I could see all these learning experiences coming together to create a skill set in Emil. What’s more, he felt good about what he was doing. He didn’t need treats every time because I wanted to do what I asked of him.

At this point I can see how Emil was able to earn his CGCA: it is because if the way each of these classes in succession layers the learning experiences so that they become complex skill sets. We learned how to work together as a team, too. The foundation for more learning is there.

Thank you to the Gentle Touch Pet Training Staff.

Roberta Vitols and Emil

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